Couple Creates Safety Alarm for Female Joggers ‘As Loud as a Rock Concert’


There’s already several apps and devices on the market that are designed to help keep women safe – but this one is worth singing about.

The Run Angel is a safety watch containing an alarm that – if activated – creates a cacophony of noise measuring 120dB – which is about as loud as standing in front of a speaker at a rock concert.

The device is also synced to an app on the wearer’s smartphone. If the alarm is set off, an alert is sent to the owner’s desired emergency contacts – or “guardians”, as they’re called. The notifications are sent via text messages and email notifying the guardians of the wearer’s location, along with a time and date stamp of when Run Angel was activated.

The creators of Run Angel, David and Ellen Caren, are based out of Cork, Ireland. They first got the idea for the device when David accidentally deterred a possible assault on a female jogger.

“He was out running and a female runner passed him. He thought nothing of it until a man knocked into him at speed and turned on his tail and ran in the opposite direction,” Eileen told The Independent. “He realized that the man – who wasn’t wearing any jogging gear – was actually in pursuit of the woman until he bumped into David.”

That’s when they decided to spend the next three years developing the device for the safety of female runners everywhere.

“From the early stages of development our focus was on the audible capability of our wearable – after all, the greater the sound, the greater level of attention one can attract in an emergency situation,” wrote the parents of three.

Retailing for a little over $100, the product is currently only available online, but will soon be appearing in European stores. The app is free to download.


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