Trees Growing Out of Buildings Could Help Heal China’s Air Pollution Problem


Nanjing Vertical Forest Stefano-Boeri

This Italian architect has just unveiled his plans for a groundbreaking pair of buildings that could help China with its smog problem.

Stefano Boeri’s has announced the construction of two towers in Nanjing that will be covered in cascading shrubs and greenery – also know as a “vertical forest”.

The Nanjing Vertical Forest in the Pukou District will consist of over 2,500 plants and 1,000 trees overflowing from the buildings’ surfaces. According to Boeri, the greenery will reportedly help “regenerate local biodiversity, provide 25 tons of CO2 absorption each year, and produce about 60 kilograms of oxygen per day”.

The buildings themselves – ranging from 300 to 650-feet-tall – will provide high-density space for hotel housing, corporate office space, restaurants, and exhibition halls.

Completion of the towers is expected by 2018.


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