Little Boy Empties Piggy Bank For Mom Who Had Just Been Robbed


Dawn Pritchard was horrified to wake up on Sunday morning only to find that someone had stolen her bank account information and drained all of her funds – her 6-year-old son, however, wasn’t about to let her panic alone.

Dawn had received an email saying that someone had made a $330 charge at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Eugene, Oregon. The mother, who lives in Sykesville, Maryland, was aghast when she found several other charges of the same nature.

But once she had gotten off of the phone with the bank, her son Warren handed her an envelope labeled “To: Mom, From: Warren”. Inside was his own hefty gift of two dollars – quite a fortune for a youngster like Warren.

“I was just so upset and frustrated,” Dawn told the Good News Network. “My account was completely emptied. But as soon as I opened the envelope and saw that he had put his own money in there for me, all the negativity drained away. I’m beyond proud of him.”

Dawn says that Warren topped off the sweet gesture with a home made “sandwich” and the bank assured her a refund by the end of the week.

Warren Pritchard-Submitted


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