Of All Things…


 This is an original Shakespearean Sonnet.

Of all that we’ve shared, nothing’s left unsaid.

Never did we cower, in the face of dread.

Yet, it’s rather hard, we are still this team.

Chasing the daisies, growing down the stream.

Early in the morn’, once you start to wake.

The sun starts shining, and melts the snowflakes.

Though, they were nice, I’d rather you be warm.

Safe from the winter, and all of its harm.

Do you remember, the day that we met?

I can’t imagine, one single regret.

We both cared dearly, one for the other.

A bond deeper than, sister and brother.

That one walk down the aisle, was not the end,

It marked a new journey with my best friend.


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