A “Better” Ideology


Similar to how almost will never equate with being enough, knowing information lacks the means for sustaining any chance of difference. The Bible says it is not enough to only listen to God’s word, we must also obey it – only then we shall succeed and prosper in all that we do. Consequently, this justifies my ascertain which formerly presented a concise account stating as follows; going to church does neither label nor denominate one’s character with a classification that is entitled “better.” Especially, since that insinuates a claim of having innumerous factors that exhibit more opulence and worth in comparison to the disposition of other believers and human beings. A man is not defined by what he puts within himself, yet all that is derived from his heart does defileth him. Likewise, one may hear and not necessarily comprehend the information they’ve been given, and many who believe that they beheld the Lord’s company have never come to acknowledge his existence. As Jesus stated, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me ( Matthew 15:8 ).”


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