The World’s Largest MPA


Antarctica’s, Ross Sea is now on its way to becoming the world’s largest marine protected area on the planet. The Earth’s -said to be- most prestige marine ecosystem, shall gain protection from commercial fishing for 35 years starting in 2017. 24 countries and European Union delegates have come to an agreement with this expansive project due to the following factors: 

Similar to each member within a community, the affluence of differing masses of water are dependent upon the upwelling of nutrients found in the Ross Sea’s deep waters that are carried on currents around the world. This body of water also provides shelter to a large number of krill.

The krill in this region enacts as the staple food for species such as, whales and seals. Their oil is critical in salmon farming. Yet, the ecosystem is endangered due to the excess of overfishing which significantly impacts their number of population. These issues has encapsulated the attention of authoritative figures.

New Zealand and the U.S have introduced a proposal, that was accepted by all other nations. It  establishes protection and categorized this body of water beneath a label entitled a “no take zone” where nothing may be removed, including marine life. Many are now hoping that this may later become the first of many such zones within international waters.

These precautionary measures ensure the safety of these creatures well-being by creating boundaries that may prevent devastation.


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