Body-Image & Self-Esteem


As kids develop into teens, they’re highly susceptible to care more about how others see them in comparison with their personal opinion. Often teens become sensitive in areas of importance such as, self-esteem and body image due to their desire to establish themselves within society.  An enumerated amount of factors ( like media images of skinny girls and bulked-up guys ) can affect a person’s body image, which links closely to self-esteem.

By aligning themselves accordingly with societal submission into the “status quo”, each individual enacts as validation for the majority of youth who remain subjected beneath this never ending cycle. This equates to the expansion of dazed and confused personages. This cycle frequently results in varying degrees of depression, self harm, loss of social interest, alcoholism and drug abuse. Although, other issues teens battle daily such as, eating disorders and failure are both the consequence of a poor body image and low self-esteem.

This should grasp the concern and attention of the public and cause them to bring forth a change in communal regions, for are we not still the same country that believes that the children are the future? Meanwhile, each factor previously mentioned affects not only teens’ body image and self-esteem, but also the future of communities, nations, and life as we formerly came to know it.

The health of these teenagers is solely dependent upon release from the scrutiny they inflict, for they will never imagine better for themselves if we fail to distinguish all that remains praiseworthy within them. Peer pressure, self doubt, f.o.m.o., anxiety, excellence, popularity, bullying, cyber-bullying, damaging relationships and etc., may all be prevented by establishing confidence within teens’ body image and self-esteem at a young age. This may later enact as the lifesaver for future generations still awaiting their birth.


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