The Cause and Effect of Guilt



The Cause and Effect of Guilt  :

Guilt is often implicated and subjected as the consequence of a culprit’s desire to make amends with the person or thing they’ve wronged.Whereas instances exist in which this factor is constituted an indisputable truth, differing circumstances present accounts contesting a contrast and likeness that does in fact remain quite evidently true.

It is unjust to appropriate guilt by suggesting that it’s consequential, evoked through an inclination towards repentance. This emotion may instead be induced from the contradiction the perpetrator emits towards the certainty of his reality in which he partook in a criminalized activity.

For an example, in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator had not wished to recollect and endow healing upon his relations with the old man. The denial he exhibited only assisted within the furtherance of both his depleting sanity and utter demise.

His mind was a morbid and complex institution that became apprehensive due to the instability  of his reality. Although, the continuity of his refusal  towards comprehension did nothing to elicit clarity throughout this tale that told of the heart defiling the narrator.

As he convinced authorities that there existed no aspect that could depict him as a murderer, he lost sight of himself and destroyed the candor of his nature out of existence through his denial of the truth. He failed at sensing both his being and essence of character, yet he later became aware of the piece of himself that was misplaced out of this narrative.

In order to return to the piece that he lost, the narrator was forced to travel back into his dark reality through the gateway that allowed him to travel beyond the expanse of his being. That meant revealing the location of where the old man’s corpse resided, for he only ever existed  within a life that was haunted by the old man and his declination separated him from the piece of his character that remained existent inside that domain.

“Through guilt he illuminated his sin, revived the old man’s position in his life, and returned to the morbid and sick reality that he called his own.”


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