The Preservation of The Modern Era



 “The Memory of Mankind project aims to save our most precious documents from an apocalypse – by burying microscopic engravings in an Austrian salt mine.” Whereas the mighty cultures who have long since vanished were able to withstand the test of time, today’s technological era endangers the continuity of our historical importance due to the lack of physical documentation which evokes fear from many Archaeologists and Historians.

Memory of a kind is a project that collaborates between academics, universities, newspapers, and libraries in an attempt to create and store information in a way that will be readable in the future. Due to our existing within an age that will unfortunately leave “hardly any written traces,” explained Martin Kunze whom remains the soveriegn which reigns above the Memory of Mankind’s operation.

      (Credit: Alamy)

Earlier this year, authoritative figures had been made aware of the perilous vulnerability of the huge repositories of knowledge that have been established, as a consequence of the fragile nature the newly digitized materials exhibit. “Charged particles thrown out by the sun in a powerful solorstorm could trigger electromagnetic surges that could render our electronic devices useless and wipe out data stored in memory drives.”

In 1859, the last major coronal mass ejection hit Earth and it is thought to have been the biggest in 500 years. Telegraph systems had been blasted worldwide and as we remain within the eon of the internet, such an event would be deemed catastrophic.  Although, threats may also present itself beneath malevolent hackers. For even careless officials could tamper with these digital records or delete them altogether.

Hence the inciting factor of fuel that ignites both Kunze and his colleagues’ determination to journey further back in time for an inspiration towards preservation, to those such as the Sumerian stone tablets. The M.M. team hopes to create an indelible record of our way of life by imprinting official documents, details about our culture, scientific papers, biographies, popular novels, news  stories and even images onto square ceramic plates measuring eight inches and ( 20 cm ) across.


(Credit: Memory of Mankind)

After having connected with this foundation, many celebrities were inspired and decided to get more involved by leaving a few personal possessions within Austria’s salty cavernous range.


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