A Shining Light


In 2015, many Syrian men, women and children retreated from their war stricken homeland in search of refuge within the sea. Thousands had fled to the region of Lesvos, Greece in hopes of finding a better future, although their fate came to a  screeching halt. The men and women who resided upon the island’s shore abruptly began to risk their lives in hopes of saving another. For they had not been given a moment to think about themselves. A documentary has been made highlighting the selfless “island heroes”, who had saved drowning refugees off the coast of their native land. A few of the heroic individuals were afforded with a nomination for the Nobel Piece Prize which is almost as rewarding as the good they have sown within the lives of the Syrian refugees. Through the gentle acts of kindness they were shown, hope eventually found it’s place among the the innocent and displaced people. They were afforded with positivity throughout a period in which it had been a dire necessity. From the darkness of the war in Syria, a light had shone out from Greece.


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