The Secret Life of The Scarlet Letter


In this post I will be stating the similarities I noticed between The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. I will now begin with my comparison with Hester and Walter. 

I drew something special for this post.


Walter was married to a women who treated him like a child. She preyed upon his imaginative nature and scrutinized the very essence of his being. Her derisive nature was the better of her qualities which forced the man to wait upon her hand and foot.

Hester was sent to New England and waited several years for the arrival of her dismal husband. He explored the world after having deceived her youth into believing he could be an appealing resource for love. Both of these characters had been taken advantage of by their closest of companions.


Walter was ridiculed by his wife and the environment that surrounded him. He sought after means to separate from his surrounding which were influential upon his imaginative nature.

Hester was an embodiment of her sin and she had been set upon the scaffold only to be pummeled by ignominy.  Although, she too was able to find an outlet towards seclusion.


Walters’s wife forced him to go to a garage where those under employment made fun of his lack of ability to care for his vehicle himself. Instead of forcing himself to undergo unfair enactments, he put his arm within a sling to evoke empathy within the men so they would leave him alone.

Hester used The Scarlet Letter as a means of serperating herself from the town and it’s people. She was then able to create a name for herself by establishing a businesss out of the ashes through which the the hot scarlet iron had left from destroying everything she had once been.


Within Walter’s dreams there resided control over his own being and in the vast expanse of his own mind he found means of escaping. He exited reality only to then be joined in companionship with the isolation of his mind to which was under his own control. Once he was alone the world came to life, when in truth he was only ever asleep. Although, it was real to him.

Similarly, Hester  seceretly escaped within the comforting isolation the Letter had afforded her. For within her mind the regulations to which the world enacted had no jurisdiction. Neither could they control her methods of parenting nor could they ever steal that away from her for she now had power since she became free.


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