The Definition of Happiness ;p


Professionals once again have decided to fulfill the need to create a definite selection of meanings for every word or emotion to ever exists. After having personally decided to visit this article, I was able to establish a firm definition for you and I both. Although, let me formally introduce you to the circles which I have previously undergone.

Incenter #1.


  1. the state of being happy.
    “she struggled to find happiness in her life”

    Incenter #2.

    1.  feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Now I hope you able to see my point.

I went in a circles when all I ever  wanted to find was one simple answer. What is happiness? Why was it difficult to find? Eventually I realized I needed to approach the situation in a different type of manner. I started researching experiences that evoked misery, anger, melancholy and regret. For in order to understand happiness I had to delve into it’s antonyms.

By passing all difficulty and cutting straight to the point, I now introduce you to the main event:

Happiness is temporary, it is solely dependent upon life’s daily experiences. Although, I do not live for experience, neither do I live or depend upon happiness to survive.

I understand that it may seem great to always be happy, yet it’s only s temporary thing. I cannot ensure tomorrow’s greatness for within the world bad things do happen. Yet, allow that not to taketh away any good thing. Plus, if you care about things on an everlasting scale than joy is really what you need.


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